Areas of Practice


The firm offers extensive international Corporate and Commercial experience.


  • Formation, acquisition and dissolution of companies in Cyprus and abroad
  • Corporate administration and secretarial services
  • corporate reorganization and restructuring
  • shareholder agreements and corporate governance issues
  • capital-raising transactions and venture capital financing
  • mergers and acquisitions
  • corporate and management, annual maintenance and domiciliation services
  • insolvency services
  • trustee-fiduciary services


  • Cross border transactions
  • Formation and use of trusts
  • International tax planning
  • Securities law compliance
  • Partnership formation and dissolution
  • Insolvency and restructures


We have extensive experience and can provide efficient and quick advice on finance transactions, both to the corporate client as well as banking institutions. We advice on:

  • Back to back loan agreements
  • corporate, stamp duty and tax matters
  • conflict of law issues
  • Finance agreements
  • Security agreements
  • Debentures


We provide a wide spectrum of services in this field from ships registration under the Cyprus flag, searches on ships files kept with the Department of Merchant Shipping.

  • Corporate structuring prior to registration
  • Purchase agreements
  • Freight disputes
  • Financing, security and enforcements of mortgages
  • Personal injury claims
  • Aircraft registration and finance


Our litigation department works with clients to resolve disputes in a timely and effective manner trough prompt assistance and sound legal advice.

We sick to avoid lengthy court actions trough negotiation in the first instance, or by pursuing swift and economic alternatives to full-scale litigation such as summary trials, interim remedies, mediation and other forms of dispute resolution.

We represent clients in all aspects of corporate or commercial disputes:

  • General Civil Litigation
  • Corporate Litigation
  • Injunctions and interim relief
  • Representation in arbitration proceedings
  • Applications relating to companies


We provide a wide range of migration services from Temporary Residence Permits and Employment Permits, to Permanent Residence Permits, acquiring of Cyprus Citizenship by exception and Visas.

We provide you with prober consultation, handle the drafting of contracts and agreements, the collections of documents and the submission of your application and act as liaison with authorities during the examination of the application. Permanent Residency is granted for life to the Non-European nationals who invest in the Cyprus property market and provides you and your family with the right to permanently reside in Cyprus.


Our property department deals with all matters relating to all immovable property. The department advices both individual and corporate clients. We advice clients on all legal issues relating to the acquisition, sale, leasing, renting and obtaining of permissions and licenses with real estates, whether that is reviewing or drafting such sale, purchase, lease assignment, rent agreements or contracts. We further assist our clients with all the necessary procedures of the Lands’ Department and the issuance of title deeds.


We provide extensive services in:

  • Asset protection advice
  • Advising in the provision of trustee and protector services
  • Establishment of word wide trust
  • Estate Planning
  • Wills and probate advice


We provide international tax planning advice, alternative tax structures, including the formation of a Cyprus Company or a Cyprus International Trust or Foundation as well as advice on direct and indirect taxation.

Combing the lowest tax rate in the European Union zero holding company tax regime, Cyprus is considered an ideal base for international corporate investment. We have developed extensive expertise in all matters relating to corporate tax, income tax, property tax, trusts, international tax, capital projects and finance and are able to address client’s demands efficiently and effectively.

We also represent clients in all types of tax litigation matters before the Cyprus Courts.